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The Business Value of Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2021

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Learn the essential things about mobile development for the large companies. You will know how exactly mobile application can change internal and external processes and become an additional stream of revenue.

Introduction to Enterprise Mobile App Development
Large companies have the challenge to manage and optimize all of their internal and external processes while at the same time reducing operational expenses. Today we would like to focus on the advantages of mobile app development for modern enterprises, this can be especially important if your company is on the path of Legacy Systems Modernization — a custom mobile app can be the technological solution you are looking for.

What is an Enterprise Mobile Application?
When we talk about enterprise mobile applications we mean a complex software system that’s created to help with the particular needs of the company. This app must be built according to a company’s architecture and make certain functions available on mobile devices.

What is Enterprise Mobile App Development?
This is a process aimed to develop user-friendly software that uses multiple types of complex data and complies with the latest security standards.

According to Fliplet, 66% of organizations are expected to increase their investments into enterprise mobile applications in the next three years. The enterprise mobile development market is expected to reach $430 billion in revenue by 2021.

The Types of Enterprise Mobile Applications
There are essentially three main types of mobile applications based on levels.

For exclusively internal usage, there are employee-level apps: they are quite simple because of the small list of features required. For example, it could be a messaging tool to improve the communication process between a team leader and developers, to get quick updates about the smallest aspects of a project.

Department-level apps can boost the productivity of particular departments. For example, with the advanced Human Resource management app, you will not only improve the efficiency of HR but also will able to solve employees’ issues faster.

Company-level apps make every department work together as they engage the entire organization in a private network. Employees can contact the CEO or download documents, making a lot of steps in the workflow disappear.

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