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I'm 31 with 10 years of experience working as project and product manager in software consultancy firms - no programming practice whatsoever.
I want to be more independent, work remotely and overseas - which is a bit harder as a project manager. That's why I've been studying React for half a year now and aiming to change careers soon.
Due to my seniority level as project manager, I've been struggling to try to come up with a reasonable resume, where I can express my willingness and reasons to become a developer.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Welcome Veller!

It will difficult to change careers - but definitely possible. I think explaining that you wanted a career change, so you taught yourself React (which is really impressive!) will get you in the door at least. More and more companies are getting more accepting of self-taught and bootcamp taught people who want to switch roles/jobs.

Good luck!

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