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Good work. However I see the place for few improvements. I will refer to the mobile version since people tend to use browsers more on their smartphones than desktops.

  • First screen looks good, but lacks call to action button pointing to your projects. What I observed potential employers are looking for code examples. By adding that button you can get rid of text about scrolling down to see projects.

  • I know you want to keep it simple, but to me skills section is just bunch of icons, not every recruiter is tech savvy - personally I would provide some description how confident with given technology you are.

  • About section contains great description, however it is huge, not everyone will read it and it takes precious space, I will shorten it and move rest to the about sub page.

  • In my opinion contact should have direct option to send email to you. Something like icon with mailto:youremailaddress or simple form.

  • In terms of projects - I think they should have better responsive design, Save the animals looks really good on desktop - it should look that good also on mobile. I will definitely improve RWD rest of them.

  • Maybe not code related but worth considering - chasecollins.us or at least chasecollins.me look way more professional than Netlify one. You can still host it on Netlify for free, just domain will cost you a little bit.

  • If you wish I can check your code in free time on GitHub if my limited programming skills will allow that 😂

Other than that great work, it just need some minor polishing. Greetings

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