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Discussion on: Does your background make your work unique?

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Vilson Fabricio Juliatto

I come from a STEM background. I'm finishing a PhD in Theoretical Physics and transitioning into tech. I have a very analytical mind and like to break stuff apart conceptually, analyze it, understand how the pieces are related to each other and put it all back together.

So, I find easier to reason in terms of structure, processes and invariants. That definitely has shaped the way I see software. In particular, it has lead me functional programming, which I really like.

There are analogies between programming and physics which I find really useful. For example, thinking about invariants in code is very similar to the use of conservation laws (such as conservation of energy) to understand the physical systems. In both cases, you have rules that don't
fully specify the behavior of your system, but constrain it in ways that allow you to learn things about it with less effort than would be required by a complete analysis.