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The previous year I decided to invest in Ergodox EZ (ergodox-ez.com). It was hard to get used to it while I had to all the time change between my office keyboard (Logitech K380) and the ergodox one, but since pandemic started it took a week to build layouts for myself and get used to it. Especially challenging was Cyrillic layout because there are not enough keys in the rows to place all the letters to their common places. Here what it has become: configure.ergodox-ez.com/ergodox-e...

But in the very end, there is a feature of the keyboard I love the most - it is ortolinear. I used to have pain in my left wrist because I bent it to the left following the placement of the keys, don't need to do it anymore.

The same team also builds Planck keyboards, those are more compact, cheaper (than ergodox but still expensive), still ortolinear but have a bit conceptual way of switching key layouts.

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