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...So I'm not alone in this struggle after all?!

I too work in an enterprise where development and operational staff live in tall silos of their particular area of expertise/oversight.

I've tried email lists, MS Teams groups, sharing interesting articles (many from, promoting collaboration among teams/individuals, begging folks to use version control... Crickets!

We do a monthly developers' lunch to get everyone away from their desks for some casual socialization, but even that is attended by less than half the team and it's most often the same individuals who choose to go or skip lunch.

I can see the benefit of sharing our day-to-day activities and mitigating the risk of a "hit by a bus" knowledge disaster, yet I can't fathom why others don't see it as an obvious benefit to working as a team.

// end short rant of self-defeat

Suffice to say that I'll be watching replies to this thread closely. :)

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