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Yet another startup: post-0000

As promised, this is the very first post of the series where we I will give you updates about the progress of the startup creation on a daily basis.

See announcement here:

Let's call it "MenuApp" for now

Yes.. that works.

What the MVP does?

  • Restaurant managers give us the physical menu so we can make it digital for them
  • Restaurant diners scan QR code with their cell phones to access the menu app
  • Diners can add dishes to the order in the menu app
  • When diners finishes selecting dishes, they can click "Order Now" from the menu app
  • The "Order Now" function triggers the "WhatsApp click to chat" feature
  • The chat contains the orders details, including the restaurant table uniq identifier and the restaurant uniq identifier


This is just a prototype so we can have a starting point, off course the MVP was designed from feedback made by real/potential customers. Our purpose: Serving orders efficiently.

However, the original design could change during the development phase based on multiple customers needs, at the end it can be a completely different product, because the truth is: The course of a product is determined by customers.

Directly to the point

What progress I made to complete the MVP?

Did I had issues?

  • Customer "Ceron" says they don't think they will use it because they are small business so it won't make too much sense to use an app for a 5 table restaurant

Did I have blockers?

  • No

What could I have done better?

  • I could have convinced customer "Ceron" that even for small restaurants it will improve their performance, I could have spoken about: A) How fast an order will be placed - B) There will be precise orders - C) Diners will make orders much faster - D) Diners can be notified about his order in real time

Good news

  • Customer "Ceron" said we can test our MVP in one of their associated business, which is bigger (around 25 tables)
  • Customer "Ceron" wants to help us by making ourselves known on bigger places, like malls
  • I estimate the MVP can be completed in around 3 to 4 weeks, even though I planned an original estimate of 2 months and the reason is because I won't need to code as much as I originally planned

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