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Exscudo: if you are new to crypto, this crypto-fiat payment system is perfect for you

Exscudo is a crypto-fiat payment ecosystem designed to match the real everyday needs of every cryptocurrency holder and merchant. In this article, we’ll examine Excudo’s main products: the FinTap wallet with a built-in exchange and messenger, the acquiring solution for merchants, and others. We’ll also provide info about the upcoming IDO and see how the team responds if someone calls Exscudo a scam.

Fiat support, security, and great rates: three things that make FinTap different

Beginner users have trouble getting into crypto because there aren’t enough convenient on-ramps. Exchanges and some wallets allow one to buy crypto with a bank card, but usually with a high commission – and they don’t support other fiat channels.

Exscudo Exchange finally offers a real solution: FinTap wallet. It already enables deposits and withdrawals via 10 fiat payment systems, including MasterCard, PayPal, and SEPA, and will support many more in the future.

The second issue solved by Exscudo is coin price optimization. When swapping cryptocurrencies in a regular wallet or on an exchange, the user has to accept whichever rate is given; but in the Fintap wallet by Exscudo, price quotes are provided by many brokers through the OTC Exchange Core. The algorithm automatically selects the best rate and locks it to avoid slippage.

FinTap’s advantages also include:

  • 60 currencies and around 600 swapping pairs to choose from.
  • Near-zero in-app fees: when sending crypto to another FinTap user, you’ll pay a fraction of a cent.
  • Built-in messenger: enjoy chatting with friends and send them cryptocurrency.
  • Complete privacy and security: the wallet runs on the Exscudo EON blockchain, which uses 12 levels of encryption (more than Bitcoin).

More products by Exscudo: payment acquiring and launching new tokens on Springboard

Apart from constantly improving FinTap, the team has several more products in the pipeline:

MultiAcquiring (already operational): a payment acquiring solution for online and offline merchants. Unlike most crypto payment providers, it supports both crypto and fiat payments. Eventually MultiAcquiring enables 95% of the types of money in the world, even exotic regional e-wallets.
Springboard (under development): a launchpad where project teams and market makers can add new tokens, making them available to the whole Exscudo ecosystem.
Trading terminal (under development): an access point to several major exchanges with a single account – something that experienced traders badly need.
DeFi tools (coming after the IDO): staking, yield farming, and other instruments involving the FTP token (read on for more info).

Once these products have been deployed, the team will embark on the most ambitious step in the roadmap: a transition to decentralization. Around 18 months from now, Exscudo should become a fully decentralized ecosystem.

A close look at Exscudo reviews: what do FinTap users say?

The first thing to note before talking about Exscudo reviews is that FinTap used to be called Channels; the wallet was only rebranded a couple of months ago. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you don’t get too many results when searching for ‘Exscudo reviews’ online.

Another important point is that in the past four years, the project team has been intensely focused on development rather than on marketing the brand of Exscudo. Scam projects tend to do the opposite: they use aggressive marketing but never release anything.

Since Exscudo hasn’t run a large-scale marketing campaign yet, you won’t find as many Exscudo reviews as you’d expect from a project with so many working products. Search again in a few months, however, and you may find that the situation has changed completely.

So, what’s the audience’s verdict on FinTap and Exscudo: scam or a quality wallet? Seems like it’s the latter:

  • Very stable, fast and reliable’;
  • Highly secure and easy to use multicurrency crypto wallet’;
  • That’s great development – I love it’;
  • An exceptional tool for encrypted messaging’.

Clearly, security is very important to FinTap users, since it’s mentioned in almost every review. In fact, according to the team, the encrypted blockchain messenger is the most popular feature of the whole app.

Are the developers worried that someone might call Exscudo a scam over the FTP token IDO?

In the coming months, the company will hold an IDO (initial decentralized offering) for the new Exscudo coin – or, properly speaking, token – called FTP. It’s been four years since the original Exscudo ICO, which made it possible to launch the Exscudo EON blockchain, FinTap, and MultiAcquiring.

The IDO roadmap is really sweeping. Following some of the feature requests from Exscudo reviews, the team will gradually introduce a built-in P2P exchange in the wallet, a launchpad for new tokens, e-Commerce plugins, etc. Moreover, by the end of 2023 the project should become completely decentralized.

Some users may find these plans overly ambitious and even think that Exscudo is a scam - simply because there have been so many examples of crypto projects stating grand goals and falling short of them. Does this worry the founders of Exscudo? ‘Scam allegations are extremely common in crypto, so we’ll surely hear some. There were some during the original Exscudo ICO, too. But luckily, now we have a range of working products that speak louder than words’.

Indeed, the team has delivered on all the promises given prior to the Exscudo ICO in 2017. It built an extensive crypto-fiat ecosystem and a fast blockchain network with millions of dollars’ worth of value passing through them. Anyone who suspects that Exscudo is a scam can simply install the FinTap wallet and try it in action.

Coming back to the IDO, users will be able to buy Exscudo tokens (FTP) at a better price than later on exchanges, where Exscudo coin price will be determined by the market. FTP is the utility token of the whole ecosystem: it will make holders eligible for discounts on currency deposit and withdrawal fees, acquiring commissions, etc.


4 years in the market. The project was launched in 2017 and grew into a healthy crypto-fiat ecosystem centered on the Exscudo Exchange Core;
600 trading pairs at the best rates. In Exscudo, coin conversion rates are supplied by the brokers and market-makers that use the OTC Core. They compete with each other to provide the best quote, so Exscudo coin prices are better than in other wallets that support swaps.
Successful performance. In 2021, the ecosystem processed $250 million worth of crypto – a solid indicator that Exscudo isn’t a scam;
Positive Exscudo reviews. Users on App Store and Play Store point out security, good UX design, fiat support, and the messenger functionality.
IDO. Soon you’ll be able to buy Exscudo tokens (FTP, from FinTap) on one or several IDO launchpads. FTP is a utility token that gives access to discounts on service fees and to future DeFi instruments.
Decentralization. In the next two years, Exscudo plans to make all its products decentralized and have them governed by a DAO of FTP token holders.

Exscudo is a perfect crypto payment solution for both beginners and experienced users. Learn more about its products, FTP token, and the IDO on the official site.

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