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What is a PoC and how can it increase your productivity

The Proof of Concept

There are times in our lives where we need to make a decision, whether at home, at work, during a walk or even on a trip. Decisions persecute every moment of human existence. However, at certain times, it is necessary for us to be certain about what we plan to do, we usually look for the experiences of other people who have already made this decision, recommendations, advice and tips, but there are cases where all this is not enough: we need concrete evidence that there is some feasibility of doing that, more specifically, of getting the result we expect.

Brazilian "gambiarra" - an weird assembled <br>
electric shower

The concept of PoC is simple: Proof Of Concept, three words that automatically define something that can prove a concept, that is: the lowest degree of possibility of obtaining of a specific result - in any case.

A PoC doesn't have to be a tidy project, following dozens of best practice rules, having N plugins installed, using the latest technologies - in fact, a PoC doesn't even have to be something related to programming itself, it it is in our lives, added to every moment we experience that we could do something.

Horseback riding was the PoC that allowed the creation of wagons, which in the future gave rise to the first car, first bicycle, first airplane...

First bicycle project paper

PoCs in the software world

Within the programming, especially in the "chaotic" world of startups that exist today, PoC is an extremely important concept, since new questionable challenges always arise where a feasibility test is necessary in all possible aspects, the adoption of PoCs in this meaning is extremely crucial and can, not exaggerating in the slightest, define the life cycle, or rather, the existence of a startup as a whole.

The most essential keyword that PoCs can bring to a work environment is efficiency. Efficiently, various scenarios can be tested and quickly discarded if they are not in line with the reality of the team, company culture or something else that cannot be resolved and is impeding progress.

Everything can be a PoC

PoCs allow for quick feedback, exchange of information and visualization of possibilities in real time - there's no worry about "losing progress", doing maintenance or starting everything with maximum detail, after all, it's just a draft: an algorithm that shows that it can be done using a short scale, a screen that demonstrates the potential to become pleasant for N target audience or even a survey that determines the best tool of a certain niche that can be used within a work environment . Everything can be a PoC.

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