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RECOVER Command: Recovers the damaged file



The RECOVER windows command-line tool is to recover the damaged file from a defective disk.

CMD Line

CMD Line is a ** text-based interface** that transfers the command from the user to the OS.

CLI-Command Line Interpreter

The command-line interpreter (CLI) for windows is CMD.EXE. Also, you can use PowerShell, which can automate many system administration tasks and these tasks are not approachable in command prompt. With the help of the CLI, you can communicate with your system by typing the text in commands. As a result, your system answers to the text that you have typed previously, and then the user can proceed with the following command line that shows up.

To open the Run command Window.

Run command window helps you to run programs, open the files and folders. And there are several ways to open up the run command dialogue box. This run command box is helpful for you to head straight to the destined program quickly.

By using the Keyboard shortcut Key:


One of the most commonly used methods is the Shortcut key method. Also, this method is in all versions of Windows. It would help if you pressed the Windows+ R ** ** key concurrently to open the Run command dialogue box.

Run command box
Run command box

What does the RECOVER command do?

The Recover ** Windows command-line tool is to ** recover a damaged file from a defective disk. This command-line aids to retrieve readable information about the bad or defective disk. As the command reads the file sector by sector and recovers, only the good sector’s data, data that are in the ** bad sector, will be lost**. Let’s see about it in detail below.

The Recover command does not permit you to undelete a deleted file.


RECOVER [drive:][path]filename

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Things to Note

  • We should mention the filename.
  • Randomly, the data on a disk is saved in tracks and sectors.
  • This command is structured to ** recover files in the case of hardware failure*. If so, we can read some files and only read some. Files that we can read * in the bad sector can be recovered**.
  • This command recovers readable information about the bad ** or **defective disk. As a result, this command reads the file sector by sector and retrieves only the good sectors. Data that are in the bad sector will be lost.
  • Data stored in the ** bad sector that we cannot read will not be retained, and in** some cases, we can partially have it.
  • A backup is always a good option.


Through this guide, you would have learned about the RECOVER command, which is used to recover files from the bad disk. Visit our web page to know more about the windows command. Leave your valuable comments below.

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