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REGSVR32 Command: Registers/Unregisters a DLL



The REGSVR32 windows command-line tool is to Register and Unregister OLE control. To know more about this command, read further.

CMD Line

CMD Line is a ** text-based interface** that transfers the command from the user to the OS.

CLI-Command Line Interpreter

The command-line interpreter (CLI) for windows is CMD.EXE. Also, you can use PowerShell, which can automate many system administration tasks and these tasks are not approachable in command prompt. With the help of the CLI, you can communicate with your system by typing the text in commands. As a result, your system answers to the text that you have typed previously, and then the user can proceed with the following command line that shows up.

To open the Run command Window.

Run command window helps you to run programs, open the files and folders. And there are several ways to open up the run command dialogue box. This run command box is helpful for you to head straight to the destined program quickly.

By using the Keyboard shortcut Key:


The shortcut key method to the run command box is the most commonly used one. Also, this method is in all versions of Windows. It would help if you pressed the Windows+ R ** ** key concurrently to open the Run command dialogue box.

Run command box
Run command box

What does the REGSRV32 Command do?

As we mentioned previously, the REGSRV32 windows command-line tool is to register or unregister a DLL. This command-line utility job is to register, or Unregister OLE controls like DLLs and ActiveX control in the Windows registry.


REGSVR32 [/U] [/S] [/N] [/e] /I:[CmdLine] DLLName

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Parameter Explanation

  • CmdLine – It is an optional command line for DllInstall.
  • default – With no other options : Register server by calling DLLRegisterServer.
  • /i – This key is to call DllInstall(TRUE,[cmdline]) to ** install the DLL**. If the installation was successful, also call DLLRegisterServer.
  • /U – ** Unregisters Server** by calling DLLUnRegisterServer.
  • /n /i – This key is to call DllInstall to install the DLL , but not call DllRegisterServer.
  • /U /i – Calls DllInstall(FALSE,[cmdline]) to uninstall the DLL, if the uninstallation was successful also call DLLUnRegisterServer.
  • /U /n /i – Call DllInstall(FALSE,[cmdline]) to uninstall the DLL, but do not call DllUnRegisterServer.
  • /sSilents , do not display any ** dialogue boxes**.
  • /e – Silents, ** do not display a success message** for DllRegisterServer (undocumented).
  • DLLName- Specifies the path to the DLL to call the entry point on. This DLL is required to export the entry points that will be called depending on the selected option.

Elevated Permissions are required for the REGSRV32 Command.

Only in Internet Explorer can you execute ActiveX controls as it is disapproved.

| DllInstall | It is used only for application installation, and setup and an application should not call it. |
| DllRegisterServer | Instructs an in-process server to create its registry entries for all classes supported in the module. |
| DllUnregisterServer | Instructs and in-process server to remove only those entries created through DllRegisterServer. |

  • If you run the REGSRV32 dllname.dll while the file is already registered, a pop-up message will appear.

The module ModuleName was loaded, but the Entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found.

  • There are two versions of the REGSRV.exe File on a 64-bit version.

The 64-bit version is %systemroot%\System32\regsvr32.exe
The 32-bit version is %systemroot%\SysWoW64\regsvr32.exe

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  • Open a command prompt with elevated permissions to use the 32-bit version of Regsvr32 to register a 32-bit DLL on a 64-bit version. Use this below command.

%systemroot%\SysWoW64\regsvr32 full_path_of_the_DLL

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  • To unregister CAB file viewer, you can use

REGSVR32 /u C:\Windows\System32\cabview.dll

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  • In order to register CAB file, viewers use

REGSVR32 cabview.dll

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Through this article, you would have learned about the REGSRV32 command. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article, let us know in the comment section, we will update it to you shortly.

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