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re: Yes, I did. Negotiating was a part of the process I was not looking forward to. I'm not a negotiator by nature and probably would have gone along ...

I'm interested to know when you left for the company that offered you higher half a year later, did you tell them/were you asked about just "half a year experience" at your old company? And if you did/were, what did you tell them about why you made the decision?


I don't think this particular company asked me, but there were definitely others I interviewed with that asked.

It was a challenging question for me. There were plenty of valid reasons why I wanted to leave the first one (beyond just salary), the culture was pretty toxic, it involved a long commute, and we had to deal with unsupportive management that viewed the developer team as an expense rather than an asset.

On the other hand I didn't want to sound like I was a negative person who just complains all day, so answering why I was switching so soon was balancing act between sounding positive and giving enough context to let the interviewer know that when I found a company that supported me I would be more than happy to stay with them for the long-run.

Most of the time I tried to make the answer about the company I was interviewing with, what it was about them that attracted me to them, why I was excited to work there. In other words, to make it sound, not like I was running away from the old company, rather that I was running to join the new company.

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