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re: I do have one. It's called tinytina, I like to describe it as the mix of postman and curl that nobody asked for. It reads a json file that contains...

I like the name tinytina! It's very cute. But have you ever heard of newman? Our team are using it to run Postman tests automatically.


Yes, I did knew about newman. But it really didn't solve the problem that I was having. As far as I know newman works with entire collections or folders, but not individual requests. And it doesn't let you modify the data before sending it.

Before tinytina what I did was write a bash script with a group of curl commands. That works fine, bash gives you variables and the ability to make the http requests but its syntax is very awkward. That's the problem that it solves, it allows me to replace those scripts with a json file while I still maintain the ability to share my "http calls" as curl commands. The Postman GUI also solved my problem but I always thought that my needs were way to basic for such a heavy app.

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