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"Can you remember the very first person brave enough to pay for a piece of code made by you?"

I remember! Very very much! We were both university students back then, but not in the same country. Somehow he got my email and contacted me to talk about the project idea, using a demo video and some straightforward words: "I want to build a website like this. I'll pay you $200."

It was a uploading website, which saves files from the Internet (using their URLs) to the user's Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. $200 was a big deal back in the days for me. The excitement urged me to take the chance right away.

I was given a month to finish it. He was a typical non-tech client, so I decided everything, from what technologies to use, which host do deploy to, even what domain name to buy. I tried to mimic the exact UI/UX of the website in his demo video.

It was an interesting experience. Besides school time, I spent all my spare time for it. I felt like it was a product of my own more than one I did for a client. I delivered the website 3 days before the deadline and still often visited it for a few weeks after.

Now I'm a full-time developer but I have plans to do freelance projects in the future.

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