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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Jaime 🔥🧙‍♂️🔥

Since the new year I've been focusing on doing stuff to have more energy and vitality throughout the day. The basics: eat well, sleep well and exercise daily. This week so far I've worked out every morning, 5/5 days 😁. That's my big win this week 😀👍

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

Nice! Do be wary of working out daily, though. You may not feel it your first week, but it will exhaust you more than it will help you (and won't give your muscles the rest they need to grow).

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Practicing Developer • Edited

Keep at it, there is no limit to how much these kinds of changes can improve your life.

One book I would recommend checking out if you haven't seen it yet is The Compound Effect. It really drives home the point that small improvements over time can grow into huge gains if you just stick with them.