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re: Revisiting Redux with Context and Hooks VIEW POST

re: Thanks for the article. It seems really a pain to implement redux... You have any repo with best practices architecture redux/hooks to recommend ? ...

I don't have a public one, yet! But I'll post something here when I get to working on a big refactor of a public project I have. I've learned a few things since I wrote this and think there are some cleaner ways to do stuff, especially around actions. I do agree that redux is a lot of implementation detail, and while this article cuts down on some of that it's still a lot of boilerplate that I'd like to reduce, without putting a lot of work on the consuming component.


Thanks, looking forward for a repo :D

By the way, I tried this redux dev tools package to trace hooks activity, really cool:

i couldn't seem to get this to work. Where did you add it? I tried around the main app or storecontext but it didn't show that it updated state in the devtools

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