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I had a really fantastic experience, would you like to hear about it?


This post is kind of funny to me because Photoshop is so ingrained that I don't even expect anyone to talk about it. But it really is some of the greatest software ever created.


Ben, I'm coming from a country where people 'don't pay for license'. Adobe has created a price model, which allows even Free users use it almost for free. It's about that more of about Photoshop itself.


Agreed been using it for decades, worth spending time to learn what it can do as so powerful.

Photoshop and illustrator should both be learned so you can handle pixel and vector based graphics with ease.

There are free online versions now that do a lot of the same features with the power of browsers now meaning the tools and ideas are a lot more accessible


Okay will write soon, as soon as it helps anyone or answers some questions, I'd be glad to! :)

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