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Wow, I am familiar with git but I find your writing terrific. Could you share your secret or few key points on how to make a good post? I also have a few points to share with tge readers, but I don't write that well like you. How to write to make it look okay?


First off, thank you so much! This really made my day 😄

As for the writing, my biggest piece of advice is practice deliberately. I write and rewrite a lot of emails, tweets, and comments (even this one 😅) in order to practice getting to the point while also supplying enough background.

Twitter in particular is great for this because they have a hard limit on the number of characters that you can use. When I find yourself writing what could easily be 2 tweets, I try to make it fit into one when possible as a way to practice this.

I also recommend analyzing posts you really like. What makes that post connect well with you? How did they break up/structure their post? Similarly, what makes a post you don't enjoy unpleasant for you?

For this post, I knew going in that I wanted to structure it in a way where I wouldn't have to use "(see below)" and "(more on that later)" too much because I think that makes posts more confusing.

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