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FYI: Cinnamon just crashed. Currently running in fallback mode

Running Real VNC in Virtual Mode? Cinammon just crashes on your favourite MintBox machine? This tutorial is first of a kind and right for you!

So I was a little bit nervous since my trial days were ending and I contacted Jack from Real VNC Support, who helped me (more of a kind *mentally*) with debugging my vnc sessions, but since it's usually the most helpful kind of a help I can ask, I'd say he helped me the most.
I was debugging my falling VNC Session and since I discovered VNC Virtual Mode, I got it working on my local LAN with ZERO LAG && FULL RESOLUTION!!!!!

FYI guide I wrote to Jack to his next customers, I'm so up to buying that, check it out and subscribe to my channel. (It's simple, just twitter as login):

Hi Jack,

You’re so much on time!

Actually I solved all. If you have further newbie customers with question like me, like I do here’s the solutions to everything:

Lags/delays - For lags, delays try free trial and buy enterprise. It’s 50/40EUR *a year* not per month. 

Use Virtual Mode once you do that, the default is not Virtual Mode. 

When using VIrtual Mode: 

All the guides on the internet states that Intel Drives do not work well. 


Just start $ vnc-virtual //***NOT ONLY THE DAEMON*** as sudo user. 

That will let you run your default windowing system such as Cinammon in normal mode. 

Mint users/XFCE with old XRandr Server drive: Do not worry, you can specify the resolution via same vnc-virtual -geometry flag.
Not stated in the help. 

When starting as root on display one say, unblock port 8901 on Firewall to access from your second computer. Block that port range on your router and forward only between your computers!!!

If you struggling with my same Access Denied question, just make AccessMethod as None or something like that (is within help of the vnc-virtuald (daemon) help cmd).

That’s it,
From now on when you connect you will have 0 lag as you connect directly via lan and you will enjoy full resolution. 

Thanks a lot Jack!!!!!

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