Git Tutorial on How to Redraw Git Graph History is Coming in 3,2,1 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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Tutorial on how to create this nice looking picture in git graph history tool.

Subscribe and comment below, the tutorial is coming in few minutes! Link will be shared here below.


link to post and the full tutorial: link

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I don't get the hype post, but i'll check it out anyway. :)


Hey Matt! Thanks so much for commenting, this is in fact the first comment I ever got for my posts ever since :)

This is an article which is an ABC on how to work with branches. Branches get nasty and impossible to follow as we usually want and with git rebase and cherry pick we overcome this issue by redrawing history tree. The post didn't get any traffic so I paused it while editing it in Live, but I hope will help and respond. Since maybe it's just and issue of a different timezone and I'll do my best to reach those who want and looking for to read it (there are no clear tutorials, at least were no for me on this topic).


I'm about to write a comment. Stay tuned people!


Joel I understand this is not how it works, but if there is no a good source for such tutorial anywhere for git and people do need it, than why do I have to waste my time to reach 6 to four people? You know, you like WOW I'm gonna explode the Internet and then 6 guys who write how to git commit get 60-70 reactions and you like, got that one reaction & you like Heey I've got a friend. This is frustrating, it's like be the ugly one on Tinder.


Thing is, when you have lots of followers around the web to begin with, you'll get more reactions, no matter if there's better content on the same topic. This behavior will not lead to more followers, views or clicks. If the article is good, it will definitely get attention, even without all the flames.

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