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HOWTO on Make VNC Stop Lagging

So you bought a linux computer, a linux server etc. and now you want to configure the vnc and I guess you're okay to pay ~16(?)USD per month a year upfront, which is what Real VNC offer for enterprise plan to its users - for minimal direct connect plan, which is 200$ a year.

Demonstraition YouTube video

HOWTO Make My Home VNC Network Stop Lagging in 5 Steps:


//All steps same important! If you skip one you'll just experience a different lag issue
1. Home LAN Network with good Wifi/Ethernet preferably 800Mbs at least. I use Archer D5 1200 TP-Link Modem.
2. Direct connection via VNC. *NOT a cloud one*
3. Change your screen resolution to MAX 1200 width. #800MBs wifi not less important
4. Connect your vnc server via Ethernet to your router. 
That's it. It will solver your problems. 

& That's it. It will solver your problems.

Real VNC is the standard VNC installed in your company, I don't owe nor own any rights for them. I'm not their employee, nor I'm advertising their product. This is the program/piece of software of my choice and I literally choose them by their trademark: (you for sure know that icon from your desktop toolbar button) image.

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