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Vitali Pomanitski
Vitali Pomanitski

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My Clock With Butterflies

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Lucca Prado

Man, good clock, I 'm staring at this for so long...

But, it´s a bit bigger than expected. Aparrentely not responsive. But still really good man, congratulations!!!!!

Print screen for this

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Vitali Pomanitski Author • Edited on

Lucca, thank you! I really was hoping someone would like it in the future while I built it. Sorry it's not 100%, it's not meant to be perfect. With 2hrs of more work it'd be 100%, but it doesn't worth that. I don't see it that way.
Lucca, check out my Android app Effectedkeyboard2. It's a customized Android keyboard with nice visual feedback animations as ypu type. Really cool one. And also comfortable. Let me know if you like it :)