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My First Real Blog Post

Hi, this is my first time of me speaking from my soul, so come here, enter, read inside and leave some comments

So it's been a while, I haven't been developing a thing. And a thing means nothing. It's been dry out there and I simply got so depressed and distressed, I could afford myself writing a single line of code.

At some point of time I said to myself, Vitali why won't you try and see what can you? See if you can change or move things a little bit and write some code at your spare time?

I have some app going on out there in the app store, the Google's one and it's been dry. I refused to think naturally and it's if I died from inside. I even got a piano music "Frozen Inside" I wrote at the time and it was so good, I even refused to advertise.

I played it on the motive of Yan Tiersen's From Prison To Hospital. They even appeared together on youtube playlist at the time.

At some point of time I begin to recover. I woke up, after I shed a tear or two after a few years of total catastrophe (I have my own reasons to be sad) and I simply felt everything's going well. It's if I'm high, but on the really good things. So I've just got this healthy feeling.

At some point of time a just decided that voila, enough suffering, I need to do something with my old app. My source code was lost so I used techniques I learnt from Shin Bet riddles (Israeli FBI pre-interview questionaries that intended to get you in there) --to get my code recovered. (I took my old compiled old app all that was found on the Internet and ran lots of SQL queries over it).

I succeed

I succeeded to make a clear map of what needs to be done. I created a clean list in my Microsoft's ToDo app (forever R.I.P Wunderlist - love, love, love...) of what needs to be done and created a small baby steps list for what to do when this heck of anapp is ready.

Lots of preparation has been done. Many just far too many. On soul - mental, personal, technical, learning curve, knowledge, everything. Just: Everything.

At some point of time I find myself in, and this heck of A guy who fights with everyone becomes me.
Everyone who shouted, screamed, yelled, made someone smaller got with me in touch. I made some really good friends right in there - in the weeds (kidding). People saw I'm in pain and decided to help. To be my friends. My heroes I'd rather say instead.

My app is exploding

On my B-Day I decided to buy a NUC like computer and using traffic people gain here over a week or two inside this website, I brought in 100 logins to a web app I raised withing a few weeks in between the codings.

At the same time I get an ultimatum at my work, that despite of my health, if as an intern I don't find a stable university campus/chair/studies, whatsoever they'd fire me.

I decide to accept it and I apply for MA in Electricity. I get accepted.

At some point I realise it is now or never and I decide to finish and code my app. 118 commits and lots of coding time in front of my computer after works I bring up terrific look and feel only I know how to bring up on the table and lots of friends and family members asking me when it (V2.0) will be over.

Guys n Girls, gang. I'm uploading my second version of Effectedkeyboard (project neva) to the google play store now, these days. It was planned for first delivery in a year or two, but as you read now I finish it nowadays after a tear or two and heck oflots of sweat.

Could you please subscribe in the comments below and let me know if you're willing to help and can allow me to provide you a download link with a free access to a paid app I on my own built using my hands and tools?

Many thanks for reading to anyone for you of whom could read and did not resist and engaged with my 1st blog post.

All the links below:
Microsoft ToDo:
Yan Tiersen From Prison to Hospital:

Me alas Frozen Inside:
Effected keyboard-old version 1.0Beta:

Here's a picture of effectedkeyboard-neva:


Discussion (3)

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Andrew Jackson

Nice man. The next post you should write should be about “EffectedKey”.

vitalipom profile image
Vitali Pomanitski Author

Hi Andrew, hope it's okay after a short time to message you back 😃... The app was confirmed by Google and is now open for pre registration.
Register and I will send you a free promo code. Just ping me back, so I know it's allright.

vitalipom profile image
Vitali Pomanitski Author

Thanks Andrew, I'm waiting for Google to review and approve it and I'll fire up a new post .
Thank you a lot for commenting and support.