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Upcoming tutorial on Git History Refinement

Git comes with a handy feature which allows you to - (no, not to view git history) to refine git history, in terms of redraw it when you have multiple branches so that you have well looking commits when you have to follow and represent the changes. Pros? It's working, it works for everyone once you get through the tutorial. Cons? Well, there are so many tutorials out there for git basics, that there are almost no brief, covering tutorial for such a slightly advanced feature. They are exists, it's just... Well, you git it.

If you want to get this git tutorial and be among the first ones to know about git refinements capabilities, please subscribe, hit the follow button and we'll meet with you soon. If you want to search the Internet on your own and willing to discover all by yourself, please share your findings in comments below.

Link to tutorial:


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