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re: It's not really about paradigm. You can write in Calculating Language in any paradigm: imperative, logic or functional. As long as resulting functi...

That means, that you can have languages such specific like DSLs, but at the end you'll need a technology / language to bind them.

That's why I prefer having a super language with frameworks or libraries to many specific ones. Even more, when the paradigm is constantly evolving.

There must be a clear interface between those DSLs, yes.

If we create these DSLs inside super language, then there is a great
temptation of changing this inter-language interface. It also ties code to a single platform (a super language).

I would prefer to have clear interface that can be used on many platforms. Interface that is not changed easily, so people don't have to afraid that it's gonna break. Similar to C FFI that is used in many PL for library interfacing.

That's why I don't like this idea of super language.

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