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Discussion on: Case against premade CSS frameworks (and Design systems)

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Vladimir Jovanović Author

Changing a several variables is the way Chinese are creating their "unique" industrial designs, for example. Instead of device rounded corners of 5mm, they will make it 1cm and copy everything else. Get it?

I am both graphical designer and front-end developer (for more than 20 years now) and I am approaching this topic from design and branding perspective, it has nothing to do with underlying technology. You cannot create a unique and recognizable branding by tweaking a design someone else made. This is the reason why almost every web site looks like the next one.

Your education and your continued learning are related to engineering technologies and not to applied art, branding and marketing. These changes that you are proposing are almost never enough to create a unique UI.

Yes, industry is demanding fast solutions. Those who are creating sites with premade frameworks will earn some standard amounts of money, but those who innovate will earn a fortune.

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Rob Levin

Absolutes or specifics applied to the general makes no sense to me. Not everyone needs to build something to hang in the Guggenheim and concluding it with how much folks will earn as a result of these sorts of choices seems off-point. I just see it going both ways with a big..."it depends". Seems our comment thread's devolved so I'm bowing out at this point but thanks for the article.