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Coming from React world, it feels strange to be able to mutate nearly everything just like in the old jquery days. Also, I love jsx and having mark-up tapped into js seems to be far more readable and maintainable to me than coding things the vue's way.


Ha, yup, I started using Vue around 1+ year ago from using JSX and CycleJS where it is strictly prohibited to mutate the data and let it flow declaratively through the view. It was quite a paradigm shift for me too.

But Vue has its reasons of doing it differently from React, which has probably been covered by dozens of articles already, so at this point to each his own I guess.


Right. I was astonished when I first ran a Vue app with like 10 lines worth of configs. It's really easy to set up and use, no more worrying about wasted renders and so much more. But it just doesn't feel right...

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