Clojure Journey: #1 What the (func)?

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Clojure Journey is a mini-series on my experience and the fun that ensues from learning the Clojure programming language. On Day 1, I try to wrap my head around basic functions


The first thing that threw me off was reading function calls. From


verb(argument, argument, argument) 

in Java to the following in Clojure.

(verb argument argument argument) 

After starting at it for a while and squinting a couple of times my eyes slowly started to adapt.

Arithmetic Operations

Even reading arithmetic was a bit disorienting.

Why is the + first? or perhaps What happened to my nice infix operators?

The answer is that everything in Clojure is a function, including arithmetic operations. To keep the syntax of the language uniform, Clojure trades the familiarity of infix operators for simplicity.

It's all a parens game.


If you'd like to follow the fun, please follow me @voidmaindev for updates.

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