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Discussion on: Jekyll is slow... Liquid is awesome

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Jekyll 4 is actually very fast. I've had the same sensation with Jekyll 3.8 when I was playing around with GitHub Pages (which hasn't upgraded to version 4 yet). It took around 4 seconds to build the site despite the fact that I only changed one file in an unmeaningful way.

What I did to resolve the problem was the following: I set my JEKYLL_ENV environment variable to "development" and added a conditional in my Gemfile which included jekyll v4 when I'm developing and github-pages otherwise. Then I ran bundle install to update my local packages, et voilà – Making changes now rebuilds the site pretty much instantly. I only have to make sure I don't use any new features of Jekyll 4 while GitHub doesn't support it, but that's a compromise I am happy to make.

Side note: I also use live.js so my site refreshes when I hit CTRL+S.

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Olimpio Author

I haven't heard about live.js I'll give it a shot...