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Gianmarco Caputo
Gianmarco Caputo

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Idle/Incremental/Clicker RPG built in React

Hey everyone!

I received useful feedback in the past posting here, so I thought I might post once again to receive any criticism you might have.

This is a very simple clicker game - click (or press W/E] to attack, you can heal, go up stages etc.. it's all written in the tutorial.

I would like to know what you think - as well as anything that I can improve to make it better (I am trying to land my very first position as a JavaScript developer, so I'd be incredibly glad for any strict criticism).

Let me know if you have any feedback - thanks in advance!

This is the GitHub:

This is the Live website:

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Brian Barbour


Mercilessly slaughtering cute creatures.

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Gianmarco Caputo

Ahahah, fantastic description. Thank you kindly Brian!