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Discussion on: I'm Vivek Saraswat, investor in Dev Tools + Infra startups @ Mayfield and former product leader @ Docker/VMware/AWS. AMA!

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Vivek Saraswat Ask Me Anything

Hi Robin!

Well, public and private investing are very different beasts. For what it's worth, when it comes to public markets, I prefer things like index funds, mutual funds, ETFs etc, and not individual stocks.

That said, one option to consider is looking at platforms that do fractional shares of investment. This allows you to study the market and experiment without committing larger amounts of capital.

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Robin Kretzschmar

Hi Vivek, thanks for your answer. I know this is not a topic that can be discussed in a couple of sentences here but I appreciate you taking the time to reply ☺️

Fractional shares sounds like a good idea to start, I did an investment at such a platform years ago (MicroVentures) but the problem was the language barrier. As English is not my native language, it can be hard to understand all the documents in the beginning. I'll take that and search for a German platform to get familiar with the topic πŸ‘

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