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Discussion on: Launch story: There, and back again...

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This should be paid advice, much better than mine.

It would be nice to tip Florian right here & now for this stellar help. Like Brave on Twitter. 👍

@jess @peter then you don't need an ad supported model, you can hodl on the through transfer with the interest earning ledger balance with less CC support, backend mgt, usable for merch purch & bringing in new ppl (if I devtocoin tip you elsewhere it will end back here on fanny pack towels). Nice & anon, chill & tomorrow with a press-getter built in. 🤯 Put it early in the onboard, it's easy too. Opsec risk, dev effort low, existing coin (optional rebrand).

Florian will be rich (if not already), you will be richer, devto will be selfgov, Damien will get amazing answers from a large pool of coin hunters (paid expert advice is best advice, always). Even investors will benefit & can trade/hodl outside. Aligned incentives all round.

There is a post around here about that somewhere. 👀