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re: Hi Oleksii ! The statement "boost our productivity so much" needs some prove. There is nothing in IDE I can't achieve through my convenient tools. ...

“boost our productivity so much” is a feeling that I, my colleagues and members of a community are experiencing. The feeling doesn’t need to have proof. They’re just there. They might not match the reality. But they surely exist. ;)

Now, I’m pretty sure there are things that text editor can’t do. Surely correct me if I am wrong:

  • Safe complex automated refactorings (extract/inline variable/method; pull-up/push-down method; extract delegate class; move method from one class to another with all dependencies; rename refactoring; etc.)
  • Auto-imports that just work, so that we don’t have to bother with imports at all. Just specify which import we want when there are multiple candidates. Also, I don’t want to manage my exports and hand-craft them (like people in the JS community do for whatever reason). That includes any refactoring that affects any import/export. I want these to be resolved automatically.
  • Auto-fixes for warnings that static analysis produced.
  • Smart completion that takes current context into account and orders the options accordingly so that in 95% of the cases what you want will be the first option and you can just press ENTER.
  • Ability to stop writing text and start growing/transforming code at the AST level quickly and rapidly.

Because I do refactoring all the time, and I want to transform my code instead of writing/rewriting it, the tool indeed makes me more productive.

This is probably a different approach to coding/development at all. IDEs enable one way, advanced text editors enable another one. If you use the wrong approach for the wrong tool the productivity will dip down.

So if I come from IDE to text editor I’ll be less productive because I’ll do the thing that is enabled by IDEs (but manually, instead of automatically). If I come from the text editor to IDE, I’ll be less productive because I’m not doing any of the things that IDEs enable, so I’ll be missing out on value and productivity.

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