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Discussion on: How to create a self-updating Github Profile

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Waylon Walker

I love the personal touch and dynamicness that this adds to your profile.

I recently found the git-auto-commit-action action super simple to make commits on my behalf.

GitHub logo stefanzweifel / git-auto-commit-action

Automatically Commit changed Files back to Github with Github Actions

git-auto-commit Action

The GitHub Action for committing files for the 80% use case.

This GitHub Action automatically commits files which have been changed during a Workflow run and pushes the commit back to GitHub.
The default committer is "GitHub Actions", and the default author of the commit is "Your GitHub Username github_username@users.noreply.gith...".

This Action has been inspired and adapted from the auto-commit-Action of the Canadian Digital Service and this commit-Action by Eric Johnson.


Add the following step at the end of your job, after other steps that might add or change files.

- uses: stefanzweifel/git-auto-commit-action@v4
    # Required
    commit_message: Apply automatic changes
    # Optional branch to push to, defaults to the current branch
    branch: feature-123
    # Optional options appended to `git-commit`
    # See for a list of available options
    commit_options: '--no-verify --signoff'
    # Optional glob pattern