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Ironically, on a post about being more accepting of others developer choices; by the 3rd comment we've devolved back into criticisms of people's choice of tools.

They are tools, what we do in the community would be no different than if carpenters got together and started talking like this: "You use a Framing Hammer! Bah! You fool, everyone knows a Roofing Hammer is better, more efficient, and comes with magical fairy dust! Look at this handle, so much better than your handle!"

Learn to use multiple tools, build things, and don't let people make fun of your tool belt. You still built the house and it keeps you warm at night. There may have been better tools, there definitely could have been worse tools, but you got it done using the tools you had.

My tools aren't your tools, and unless you're building my house keep your comments to positive critiques and advice vs negative criticism and bashing.


If you're referring at my posts, I've been careful not comparing PHP to other tools but rather putting the emphasis on how bad was PHP by itself.

To keep on your metaphor: you're hammering a nail with a spoon? Well do as you'd like but you'd better choose some kind of hammer to do it.

Now again, that's none of my business.

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