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This was originally published on my blog, where I write about my experiences trying to become a better human and developer.

Hello πŸ‘‹, my name's Will. Thanks for stopping by. I'm not quite the developer I want to be, so I'm writing about things as I try to become a better one. My writing's not quite just about development - what else I'm not sure - but I'm trying to become better too.

Maybe you are as well. If so, feel free to pull up a chair! :)

About me

I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in the United States, in the early '80s. I'm the oldest child in a large family - 5 brothers and sisters. At a young age, I was drawn to computers. I used to pretend I was asleep when my mom checked on me before bed, and then sneak over to the family computer in another room when it sounded like my parents had gone to sleep. I would connect to a BBS and play Trade Wars or Legend of the Red Dragon until the wee hours of the night, then sleep a little, get up and go to school tired.

I never really did awesome in school or sports. But I always loved computers. I was always trying to learn more. The idea of the future, technology and outer space was fascinating (and still is). It felt like in K-12, so much of it was instruction from people and peers telling you who you are, how you should be, and what you're doing wrong. I wonder if that's the draw of online to so many people – that in cyberspace a person can potentially become anyone?

I used to daydream about leaving Earth. I loved Star Trek. One of my favorite books growing up was The Star Trek Encyclopedia. I would memorize it. I'd open to a random page and read a random excerpt and think about being there. The idea of humans working together, despite their differences to reach for the stars. The unknown. Insurmountable challenges. Far away from the mundaneness of an institution, a people factory pitting students against one another, with standardized tests scores, bullying and cliques.

The world is full of different people and cultures we can learn from, yet, somehow despite the increased connectedness that technology delivers, many things only continue to become more fragmented.

I dropped out of college in 2004 to work at a startup and never looked back. Since then I've done a lot of product/project management, and a bit of web development too. I've lived in a bunch of places outside of Arkansas - California, New York, Chicago, Central America and Europe. I've worked with different companies in the tech industry and started some of my own as well. Lots of lessons learned, successes and failures. I've tried my best, even though sometimes that has fallen well short of the mark.

But through it all, I've never quite been the developer I've wanted to be. Nor quite the human either.

Maybe I'm not alone.

So with that said, let us press forward and endeavor on to fulfill our goals and make our wishes and dreams come true.

Hopefully one day we can all finally finish our rocket ships and lift off.


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