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Vitamin P for Positivity

wbnns profile image Will Binns ・2 min read

Hi DEV community! 👋 My name's Will. I've been talking to my wife/partner a lot lately about how all of this negative and depressing news that keeps coming out day after day, really sticks to me and makes me feel down and sad.

That said, I definitely don't want to ignore it. We're on this planet together and we are all affected by so many of the negative things going on, one way or another. We have to help each other where we can, and we're going to get through all of this somehow.

But it's important (at least for me), that I try to make some space for some of the positive things that are happening, and also generate some positive thoughts -- otherwise I get really depressed and feel despair about where we or a lot of us might be headed.

So I made Vitamin P. It's a once-a-week email with a few links to positive stories in the news! Some other sites already do this, but I wasn't seeing exactly what I was looking for, so I've made this first and foremost for myself. I figure even if I'm the only one that ever looks at it, hopefully it will help me at least to feel just a little bit more positive amidst everything going on.

If you'd like to get a preview of the kind of content, here are a few links where you can see it on your social network of choice (everything is syndicated, so no need to check all of them):

Anyhow, so that's it - Vitamin P for Positivity - if you have any feedback, please let me know!

Cheers and hope you all have a great day. 😊✌️


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Subscribed! I've just logged out of Twitter and I definitely could use some positivity...

I used to consume that kind of content on reddit.com/r/upliftingnews/ but Reddit is a time sink.


Quick feedback. Is double opt-in available?


Hey! It's currently turned off - do you think it would be better to turn it on?

I think so, yeah. It helps prevent fake sign-ups which may be better for your open rate in the long run.


Impressed. I'll remember with vitamin P from the outset!