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Michael, you can check the article now. Let me know what you think. I extended on the history of OOP and connected more dots ;)


Great work on updating the original piece! I hope this deep dive gave you an appreciation for OOP in it's original and wider sense :)

Would you add something more to the article? Actually it really enhances my historical knowledge of OOP evolution. I was always a huge fun of DDD. Although, what I also found are some good points why OOP sucks:

"I find OOP technically unsound. It attempts to decompose the world in terms of interfaces that vary on a single type. To deal with the real problems you need multisorted algebras — families of interfaces that span multiple types. I find OOP philosophically unsound. It claims that everything is an object. Even if it is true it is not very interesting — saying that everything is an object is saying nothing at all. "

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