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Rich Keyzor
Rich Keyzor

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My Coding Bootcamp Odyssey - Weeks 2-4

Odyssey : noun

a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding to someone

an intellectual or spiritual quest

Hi folks, thanks for tuning in! This is a kinda catch-up post as I have been a bad boy and not blogged weekly as I intended - blame it on the mind-blowing-bending stuff we have learned 🤯 and the need to rest my brain!

I am now calling this series my odyssey because that better encapsulates the path I am on - a bit more epic that a mere functional journey, I think.

So to orient ourselves this is about weeks 2-4 of my odyssey, following week 1 which was an introduction week. This is called the fundamentals block which covers the building blocks of JavaScript which we need to understand to progress to more higher-level and useful ways of using JavaScript. I'm a big fan of fundamentals-first learning.

I'm going to list the topics we have covered and give them a rating based on how well I think I grasped the topic:

🤯 I get what it is about but would struggle to teach it or give a good example

😐 I get it and could probably explain it

🤓 Love it! totally makes sense

Here we go:

  • Testing with Jest 🤓
  • Array Methods 🤓
  • Higher order functions 😐
  • Scope 🤓
  • Function hoisting 😐
  • Difference between a variable's value versus its reference 🤓
  • 'Pure functions' 😐
  • Testing side effects of functions with no return value with jest mock functions 🤯
  • Closure 😐
  • Destructuring 🤓
  • Higher order functions
  • Recursion 🤯
  • Object Orientated Programming 🤓
  • Factory functions and this keyword 🤓
  • Constructor functions and instance methods 🤓
  • Class syntax 🤓
  • Callback functions 😐
  • HTTP requests with Axios 🤓
  • Promises and .then() and .catch() 😐

Wow! what a list - we covered so much in 3 weeks. It was not all plain sailing but we will be getting a lot more practice so I am confident the majority will sink in, in time.

Bring on the back end!

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decker • Edited on

Sorry, but interesting for anybody, except yourself?