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8 .NET Development Tools That Makes the Life of Developers Easy

The .NET framework has become increasingly popular. With its popularity, the number of .NET tools available in the market is also increasing. The .NET world has a treasure trove of free tools that makes development easy for developers. The .NET developers can develop intuitive applications with the help of such tools. However, the task of picking the right tool is easier said than done.

We have made the daunting task of choosing the right tool easy for our readers by compiling the list of best tools for developers that they should have in their arsenal. Fellow developers vastly favor the tools listed below in this blog across the world.

Below listed are the top .NET Developer tools that make development easy.

1. Stackify Prefix

The Stackify Prefix is a code profiler tool running in the background when the .NET developers run their applications in the frontend. Stackify captures every web request received, and then the tool furnishes in detail reports of all the offers. The tool is beneficial in troubleshooting slower web requests and also looks for slow SQL queries. It is also capable of detecting harmful coding patterns, such as the popular N+1 database query.

2. SQL Multi Script

The SQL Multi Script is a beneficial tool for .NET developers, as it enables the developers to implement numerous scripts across several SQL servers. That said, it reduces the considerable amount of time developers take to carry out all necessary steps. The tools also encourage easy querying of databases with the help of efficient interfaces that further encompasses rapid editing features.

3. LINQPad

LINQPad is a client or server application that has individual clients and distinct servers. The tool can run both a series of inquiries and straightforward inquiries as well. It is also equipped with a debugger, and capacities get autocomplete. The primary function of this tool is to execute the database queries through LINQ. It is further converted into pure SQL. When it is converted, developers can modify the information and also change the database outline.

4. TeamCity

TeamCity is a .Net development tool that enables continuous integration for .NET developers. It also supports the arrangement and structure of different kinds of tasks. One of the significant benefits of using this tool is that it enables the natural setting of the setup to get incorporated. After the .NET developer submits it, they can effortlessly test the alterations without offering them an adaptive control framework. Additionally, the TeamCity module can easily integrate with other services available rapidly.

5. NCrunch

NCrunch makes the task for developers super easy, as it's an automated testing tool. It has an automated test runner that enables the automation process. The sort of automation that this type of tool has allows the developers to set up high-quality measurements while composing their codes. The tool also provides all essential information about the code they test so that there is room for improvement in code quality. Developers then work on their code in real-time.

We recommend this tool for its capacity of smart test execution and inline exception details. The tool is a paid one, but it is worth the price.

6. NuGet

A Microsoft-upheld system enables code sharing and characterizes how .NET packages are expedited, made, and used. The NuGet packages are used by .NET programmers, enabling them to share codes that are particular to a network, company, or workgroup. Also, developers can use NuGet packages as it is one of the less complicated methods of factoring their code for special projects.

7. Microsoft Visual Studio

The Microsoft Visual Studio is an incorporated tool with some advanced features for the .NET developers. Microsoft establishes the tool. It is used to develop applications, websites, and web services. Numerous programming languages are supported by this tool that includes Visual Basic, C/C++, VB.NET, HTML/JHTML, Javascript, Python, etc. A code manager and a debugger are also incorporated into this tool.

8. JetBrains Rider

The rider gets started from numerous JetBrains, such as WebStorm and ReSharper. JetBrains Riders are cross-platform, which implies that the tool can efficiently run simultaneously on two windows. A couple of Linux and Mac furnishes identical behavior and a similar arrangement. Additionally, Mac and Linux bolster and these stages have a comparative rundown of their capacities. Also, equivalent proportionate is carried on everywhere.


If you are looking to get an application developed leveraging the benefits of the .NET framework. For this, you will have to look for a highly qualified .NET developer or a .NET development company that uses the right resources. The developers of extraordinary companies leverage some of the tools mentioned above to increase the efficiency and quality of their code. A company that provides bespoke .NET development services for all business needs would be the right fit for you.

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