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Python vs Java in 2021: Which One You Should Choose?

vikrantbhalodia profile image Vikrant Bhalodia ・4 min read

Python and Java are both stellar technologies with state-of-the-art capabilities. Both play a crucial role in web and mobile application development. No doubt, both technologies are incredible and have efficiency, versatility, and automation capabilities.

Today, we will compare two remarkable programming languages and assess the performance of both based on several factors. A few comparison parameters that we will be using include syntaxes, popularity, performance ratio, etc. We will also see whether these technologies are good for Data Analysis, Machine Learning, etc.

So, without further ado, let us know which programming language would be an excellent prospect.

Java and Python Overview

Java is similar to C++ and is also an object-oriented language. It is used to build powerful, responsive, and highly interactive applications. The technology is entirely object-oriented and also supports several open-source libraries, which makes Java application development easy.

Python is a high-level programming language widely employed to build critical functionalities of the applications. It simplifies complicated tasks by utilizing a few code lines and makes it easy for the Django development company. It also supports GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Key Features of Java

  • One of the greatest strengths of Java is that the framework comes complimentary for the developers.
  • It has an object-oriented approach, which means that the programmers can reuse the codes and develop new programs.
  • It has a vast array of open-source development that gives developers increased options to develop.
  • It opens up several possibilities for the developers to access any API for their purpose.

Key features of Python

  • Python is used by most programmers today. Python offers a vast and incomparable range of testing frameworks.
  • Python has extensive libraries that are object-oriented and makes the language more productive.
  • It offers a great integration feature for Django development.


As far as the programming language's popularity is considered, both Java and Python are prevalent languages. Before JavaScript was introduced, Java ranked as one of the most popular programming languages. The developers of JavaScript made a smart move by choosing a naming convention similar to Java, because of which it gained incredible popularity initially.


The performance of two programming languages cannot be easily measured. It is not like differentiating two cars in terms of speed. The difference in the version of Java and Python can be affirmed in the benchmarks games, where both the languages are benchmarked based on the speed factor. However, only the performance of a programming language doesn't make the execution of a language faster. The application developed is also responsible for creating a programming language that performs better. The third-party libraries also make the performance of a language better.

Top Websites Built Using These Frameworks

The top websites built using the Java framework by Java Development company include:

  • Stack Overflow
  • Java World
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Sun Developer Network

Famous websites developed using Python include:

  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Instacart

Strengths and Weakness of Java


  • Java embraces object-oriented programming, a coding concept in which the set of functions applied to the code are also defined.
  • It is a high-level programming language that uses primary and simple syntax and has a short learning curve.
  • The framework is platform-independent, which means you will have to write the code once and then run it anywhere.
  • The Java community is unmatched. It has a vast ecosystem of well-tested libraries and frameworks.


  • Oracle has announced that Java will now be a paid framework, and to obtain the benefits of all updates and bug fixes, users will have to either pay per processor or by the number of users.
  • At times the code is verbose, which means too many words are used, making the codes less scannable and readable.

Strengths and Weakness of Python


  • Python is a highly productive language and extremely simple.
  • It is an interpreted language which means that the code is itself executed line by line.
  • Python is under OSI approved open-source license, which makes the language free to use and distribute.
  • It is a portable language, which means you can write the code only once and then run it anywhere.


  • Python is a programming language that uses a large amount of memory because it provides efficiency to the developers.
  • When it comes to databases, Python lacks. Its database is underdeveloped compared to the other popular frameworks, and therefore big enterprises do not use Python.
  • Python is weak in mobile computing and is generally used for the programming server-side.

Best Suited Programs

Both Python and Java frameworks are suited best for numerous programs. Python is suited for:

  • Graphic Designing and Image Processing.
  • Games.
  • Operating Systems.
  • Machine Learning Apps.
  • Prototyping.

When it comes to Java, java application development for several programs are developed that include:

  • Mobile Applications.
  • Middleware Products.
  • Desktop GUI Apps.
  • Embedded Systems and Enterprise Solutions.


After considering both the programming languages' performance based on numerous parameters, it is still difficult to say which language is superior to the other. Even if Java is a popular choice, Python is more widely used for its productivity. Moreover, it is also used for several organizational purposes. In the same way, although Java is faster, Python is a better choice for lengthy coding programs.

The choice of the most suitable framework also depends on the application that a developer is looking to create. You can consider the above parameters and see which language ticks most of your requirements' boxes; you can safely go ahead with it. If you are starting your journey into development, you can choose any one amongst the two, based on your interest.

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Libia M Freites M

Aguante Java..! Aunque cada uno tiene lo suyo..

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Thanks for providing such a great post, my journey will start with Java & Python at a time in next month, can't wait !

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Vikrant Bhalodia Author

Thts great to know @nnguyenminh
Drop a message here if you need any help.

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Pavel Morava

Why are you beginning your journey with two languages?

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Thanks for asking, I will learn to use them for analyzing data in new project with Hadoop and Spark ^^