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Web design vs. Web development

We know you are a company who is taking their business enterprise online websitechnologies is here to solve all your doubts between selecting website designing and web development. Website designing entails designing or creativity and a thorough knowledge of graphics using designer software like Figma or Adobe XD to success for an extremely appealing web page layout. We employ software like Photoshop, make wireframes, and effectively apply color palettes, templates and font size maintenance to help promote your business' brand imagery and market desire with Conversion Rate Optimization. Our expert team of User Interface (IU) designers involve prioritizing web page interactions to help convert your visitors into your customers. Our User Experience developing expertise’s are competent in engaging and generating steady web traffic in your business web page based on good market research. websitechnologies doubles the pleasure with their brilliant Responsive Website Designing solutions which make your business website compatible across devices for a pleasant surfing experience. This "mobile first" approach is absolute business wisdom today. websitechnologies is therefore your favorite website designing company in Kolkata. Our web development experts beautifully complement our skilled designers. They are our core technical team who convert the web page design and formulate the functionality of the business website/app via coding using programming languages like CSS, HTML, Java Script, Python etc. developing the infrastructure of a website with emphasis on website hosting and web page security ( including testing and debugging). Equally utilizing CMS and SEO and supportive back-end database and user journey mapping. We have a steady team of both front-end developers and back-end web developers. Our front-end leader’s upscale client-management development and back-end builds the server support. websitechnologies offers you a holistic balance of the best of both the worlds- of designing and being the best website development company in Kolkata.

Difference between Web design & Web development :

Web Design

  1. Web design focuses on UI & UX

  2. Web design is all about the structural languages like HTML, CSS & Java script.

  3. Web design focuses on look of the site.

Web Development

  1. Web development focuses on action of using methods of reasoning.

2 . Web development revolves around coding languages like Php, Java, Python.

  1. Web development focuses on interior activities of the site.

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AustingGerald • Edited on

Web-design and web-development are closely interrelated and one component cannot exist without the other. No doubts, one day I also needed development in this area and I accidentally stumbled across this web development agency on the Internet, which gave me the opportunity to develop a high-quality and powerful digital product. In the future, I got a good profit from this and it seems to me that everyone should work diligently on their project.

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Web development is significant, I agree with you. Likewise, does anybody know a company with web and softer development? I need to for creating my product

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Altra Insurance Services Inc.

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