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Laravel 8 Add Watermark on Image

In this post we will learn how to add watermark on image in laravel 8. here we will see example of laravel 8 add watermark on image.

When you want to display any text like any important information, any copyright content, your website or any other name in image at that time we can use watermake text. So, in this example I will show you how to add watermark text on image in laravel.

Here we will use PHP image intervention library for Intervention image watermark text example or laravel 8 add text overlay watermark on image.

Intervention Image is a open source library it is used for image manipulation in PHP-based projects.

Step 1: Create New Laravel Application For Laravel 8 Add Watermark on Image

Step 2: Install Image Intervention Package For Add Watermark Text on Image in Laravel

Step 3: Update Config/app.php File

Step 4: Create Controller

Step 5: Add Route

Step 6: Create Blade File For Upload image
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