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REST API In Laravel

websolutionstuff profile image Websolutionstuff Originally published at ・1 min read

Hello Friends,

Today I will give you information about REST API, REST API is an application program interface that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.

In this tutorial I am going to perform CRUD operation using REST API and you can learn how to create REST API with authentication using passport in laravel 6/7 application. here we will get data from API.

Laravel provide easy way to create API. if you have authentication in your app than you can easily do it using passport. Laravel Passport provide way to create auth token for validating users. If you follow below example step by step then you will definitely get output.

Step 1 : Install Laravel
Step 2 : Install Passport
Step 3 : Passport Configuration
Step 4 : Add Table and Model
Step 5 : Create API Routes
Step 6 : Create Controller
Step 7 : Create Eloquent API Resources
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