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I feel impostor syndrome, now, in trying to land my first junior dev role. When I benchmark my understanding/ability today against that of a year ago I feel great, however, as I submit my ability of today to a competitive labour market I feel like I have zero business in doing so. Sometimes that translates into doubt whether I can improve enough for development in a professional environment.


It's like you're reading my thoughts, Kyle. I have my first big coding interview next week, after spending the last 4 months in a coding bootcamp, a part of me is like "I should just cancel the interview. There is no way I'll get hired." It's straight up my imposter syndrome taking over but the reassuring thing is, everyone, literally everyone, at some point in their life experiences this, no matter what industry or stage of life. The fact that we are aware of it, is the first step to coping with it.


There's such comfort in knowing one's not alone. I'm excited to hear of your upcoming interview, it's also encouraging for me to push on.

Wishing you all the best and thanks for adding light on this issue :)

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