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Discussion on: Angular: How to support IE11

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Wes Copeland

TIL IE11 support in Angular is a huge pain.

Now if we want to include a new dependency or library in our application, we need to make sure that it builds to and supports ES5, otherwise, we have to skip it. This could potentially limit our choices going forward, which is never ideal.

Without having looked into it much and knowing that ng eject is now nonviable, I wonder if @angular-builders/custom-webpack might be a gateway to having a webpack config that transpiles 3rd party libraries into es5 to fit this use case.

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Colum Ferry Author

Funnily enough, I explored this option when I was trying to get the CSS Custom Properties to work.

I did not consider this for the dependencies. I'm sure there might be a Babel Plugin that might do this. It's worth the investigation.