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Discussion on: How do you stay flexible in your career?

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Wez Pyke

I'm a contractor so staying relevant to what is in demand within the market is very important. I follow people that have an influence within the community and keep an eye on what job listings have demanded over the past 6-12 months.

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I am a contractor as well(UK). How do you gain experience in what is in demand? Most companies will only acknowledge commercial experience. The single page applications you did at home (or something similar) don't really count (at least that has been my experience)

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Ben Halpern Author

That’s a pretty good question, depending on your results here you might want to spin up your own #discuss thread

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Dillon Greek

At least by having that single page before it was required, shows you have a interest in that field and and willingness to learn more. The must have experience for entry levels will always be a problem.