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Hot Takes, Developer Relations, and AI with Rizel Scarlett

The tech industry is in the middle of an AI revolution, and some developers are wondering if their jobs are at stake. Rizel Scarlett, Developer Advocate at Github, is encouraging developers to embrace the technology instead of fearing it.

As a developer advocate, Rizel’s mission is to empower developers with the knowledge to navigate open source and make the most of GitHub’s tools - including Github’s AI pair programmer, Copilot. She sheds light on some of the features of Copilot that make it stand out among traditional code editors. She introduces Copilot for Docs, Voice, CLI, and Chat which are expected to elevate the coding experience, enhance coding efficiency, improve accessibility, and offer insights for developers of all skill levels. Rizel is a major AI advocate and she believes the technology will make coding more inclusive and user-friendly, allowing a wider range of individuals to participate actively in the developer community.

In this episode, Rizel talks to Chuck and Robbie about the importance of technical skills in advocacy roles, how AI is transforming coding, and using AI to foster inclusivity in tech.

Key Takeaways

  • [01:01] - Introduction to Rizel Scarlett.
  • [01:40] - A whiskey review: Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey.
  • [08:07] - Tech hot takes.
  • [14:24] - Should developer advocate or developer relations be technical roles.
  • [26:21] - Open source projects Rizel is currently excited about.
  • [32:28] - Rizel delves into the various dimensions of GitHub Copilot.
  • [35:41] - What would Rizel do if she wasn’t in tech.
  • [45:11] - Rizel talks about buying a house and the moving process.


[15:24] - “I think particularly, it’s helpful if a developer advocate is willing to be technical or is already technical.” ~ Rizel Scarlett

[22:55] - “What people should start thinking about more is just having range on the team.” ~ Rizel Scarlett

[32:45] - “GitHub is going all in on the AI front.” ~ Rizel Scarlett


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