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  1. I've published my personal portfolio and blog using Gatsby. I highly recommend it if you're comfortable with setting up the proper deployment workflow (see next answer).

  2. It's been great. My site is lightning fast⚡️, I can code in React , and my content is Markdown files I can pull out of the project anytime and use somewhere else.

I host the website on Github pages for free. You simply use the gh-pages package along with Gatsby and it'll deploy a separate branch to your Github repo to host as a deployed app/website.

  1. Gatsby allows you to use nearly any data source to build your website, whether it's static files like Markdown/JSON/etc or APIs like a headless CMS (Contentful, Wordpress, etc).

I write my posts using Markdown on my computer, either in VSCode or Boostnote. I then transfer them into a local version of my repo, run the build process, and push the production version to Github Pages. It'd be even easier if I used Netlify, but I'm worried about hitting their free cap with my blog (especially if I get a Hacker News/Reddit hug).

I have another Gatsby site I created where my content is stored in separate JSON files, in a static pseudo-database. Each JSON file has a youtube video, description, URL, etc -- and Gatsby pumps out pages for each video.

If you want a GUI that you're comfortable with managing your posts in, I'd recommend using a Wordpress (or whichever headless CMS you like) backend to manage your content, and integrate that into Gatsby. You can also use the Netlify CMS if you're using static files, it's a simple package you install in your project that creates an customizable admin for you to manage site content.

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