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ASP.NET Core Framework: Why It’s Best for Your Web Application Development?


Web Applications have become a basic necessity for every company to maintain their brand awareness and reach out to the targeted audience.

With the ever-evolving IT sector, new technologies are being introduced in the market, which is confusing a lot of organizations in selecting a relevant platform for developing their business solution.

While searching through several programming languages and development platforms, most enterprises have found ASP.NET as an appropriate technology for crafting their software.

However, several queries must have been raised now, what does ASP.NET core hold and why organizations are picking it out for furnishing web-based software.

Keep reading further to cover every aspect of ASP.NET Core.

A Brief Overview of ASP.NET

Let’s start by understanding the basics of ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Core is a development framework fabricated, maintained, and supported by Microsoft and many professionals contributing to open-source projects.

It was first introduced in the year 2002 for creating platform-independent web applications with built-in features to function with HTTP protocol seamlessly.

Many other languages are also used with ASP.NET core, such as C#, Visual Basic.NET, and J#.

These programming languages extend the features and enable the ASP.NET developers to easily add complex backend logic and high-end graphics on the front end. The primary purpose of using this tech is to allow users to access Active Server Pages through a browser to save storage space on the system and enhance productivity.

Further, its overall architecture is divided into three main components, language, framework class library, and standard language runtime.

All these elements work in collaboration to write code, adjoin advanced packages in the app, and run software in real-time.

ASP.NET Core VS .NET Core: Let’s Understand the Difference

Many people get confused between .NET and ASP.NET Core, as both are a product of Microsoft, but this doesn’t make their application’s behavior the same. We have provided a detailed differentiation table between both of these technologies so that you can make a better choice while selecting the platform to construct reliable business software.

Difference Table

As we have analyzed in this table, ASP.NET core offers more competent characteristics for designing web-based solutions. .NET is primarily for native Windows applications.

Moreover, embedding more features in the app, packages, and modules of other languages can be inherited flawlessly.

What Makes ASP.NET Core a Right Choice

After understanding the difference, the next step should be to know the exclusive attributes of ASP.NET Core so that a better insight can be established and a genuine decision can be made for its selection. Therefore, we have documented traits of .NET Core, which developers consider while choosing it for Web Development.

Open-Source Framework

Every business has its requirements and scope, fulfilled only by customized software. ASP.NET Core provides the leverage for innovating tailored-made applications through its freely available installation package.

It helps boost the flexibility and agility of the software project, as any new modification is included comfortably. Also, the company is not liable to pay any subscription and usage fee, which saves the cost and serves as the advantage for adding more functionalities in a limited budget.

In addition, several online repositories are available for accessing pre-developed and effectively tested codebases to faster the development procedure.

Secure Environment

Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of user data is one of the prime duties of every enterprise, as cyber-attackers are becoming more powerful and equipped with advanced tools. From a security point viewpoint, ASP.NET includes every essential element, which is necessary to prevent and mitigate potential threats.

Furthermore, every ASP.NET app is developed with in-built Authentication and Access control mechanisms for allowing only legitimate associates to utilize resources.

Each user is verified during the log-in process, and data transmitted from its devices is encrypted until it reaches the server and vice versa.

Intrinsic Tools for Developers

While creating scalable software, developers have to use different tools for writing, testing, and linking code of multiple components.

ASP.NET offers full-suit developer tools, which aids the ASP programmers to generate streamlined code, configuring protocols and integrating APIs, widgets, and plugins in the enterprise-graded software.

Besides this, a full-fledge IDE, known as Visual Studio, is freely present for saving time and implementing productivity features.

It reduces the error in the code by displaying syntax suggestions for multiple languages. Furthermore, the lightweight structure of Visual Studio enables it to install and run on any machine with access to unbounded .NET modules.

Razor Pages

For focusing on an individual page, razor pages are the first choice of every programmer, as it magnifies the efficiency and help produce a robust web application.

In addition, it aids in precisely organizing the code behind each web page and building an uninterrupted connection with other web pages.

It reduces the complexity during the debugging phase, as developers can discover the exact exception-producing function in the application’s code. Also, each page can be developed uniquely with the different color combinations, animations, and data processing mechanisms.

You can encapsulate every aspect of a web page in your control and instruct it to function according to the current strategy.

Cross-Platform Support

Spending time and money on different technologies and resources to fabricate software for multiple devices is not more in fashion. ASP.NET has made it possible for organizations to craft an appealing web solution within time and cost constraints.

Users can run the .NET Core application on any device, regardless of the operating system. The need for Windows OS is only to construct ASP.NET apps.

Moreover, a codebase developed for one application can be reused to create more solutions per business requirements. Users can easily switch to any OS and continue their work without any disruption in accessing the business solution.

Package and Automatic Memory Management

NuGet package manager executes all the necessary procedures in the ASP.NET for creating, consuming, and publishing packages.

Also, a reference list is created for restoring the packages during application modernization. It helps select suitable modules for preserving the performance and quality of the software.

.NET Core program is allocated with a small amount of memory from the raw memory assigned to the operating system, but it can be manually configured through the command-line interface.

Besides this, it automatically allocates memory to the data input by the user and limits the allocation to garbage values for improving the request execution procedures.

Diversified Web App Development Portfolio of ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core enables the developers to go beyond the limits for furnishing a feature-rich and secure software with an engaging interface and pioneering backend.

We have enumerated web applications, which can be invented using .NET core.

Web Services

To allow machine-to-machine interaction using software, ASP.NET core can be used to furnish applications for acknowledging user-request forwarded using an HTTPS network protocol.

These services can be embedded in solution without the requirement of any third-party API, plugin, or package. .NET Core empowers to merge SOAP and REST web services in the app.

Web-based Applications

Real-time applications can be constructed using the .NET Core framework. In addition to C#, VB, and J#, HTML and CSS can also be implemented for optimizing responsiveness.

Moreover, Web APIs and web sockets can be easily united to establish two-way communication to send and receive data securely and faster. Also, the user can receive event-driven responses.

IoT Solutions

These solutions are highly flexible, and any smart device can be connected to them. It can monitor devices, update their software, and configure protocols from a single dashboard.

Also, applications for wearable devices, such as smartwatches, can be made with tremendous dialectics to calculate and display real-time heart rate, oxygen level, and notifications on the mobile device.


With the rapidly increasing demand for software, more and more technologies are being developed and introduced, but ASP.NET Core is still considered the most stable and affordable framework.

It consists of several modules and packages, which tech giant Microsoft supports.

Also, certified ASP.NET developers are readily available, who can be hired economically for completing your software project within schedule.

It is the perfect technology for building outstanding and futuristic web applications that give your enormous business support and boost revenue.

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